The HIT's strategic plan will lay out its vision, objectives, goals, critical factors for success, work plans and budgets. The strategic plan is not meant, naturally, to obviate the need for effective administration as part and parcel of daily activities, but rather to provide all those engaged in work at the Institute with a clearer sense of the Institute's objectives and goals, as well as the methods for regulating and controlling their implementation.

To lead the Institute...

To continue pursuing academic development and growth
To periodically reexamine and redefine its vision and objectives
To redefine its short- and long-term academic priorities

The plan sketch will include...

Developing academic programs that are attractive,
up-to-date and relevant
Securing an appropriate student mix for each faculty
and degree
Fostering the academic and administrative faculty
Developing the physical infrastructure
Improving relations with different types of business, as well
as with academic and research institutions in Israel and abroad