Vision, Missions and Core Values



To be a leading, creative and groundbreaking technological institute, aspiring to quality and excellence in all the spheres of its activity.


To shape the future of the technological leadership in the State of Israel by endorsing the values of sustainability and social responsibility and by:
  • Creating the synergy of engineering, science, art and culture.
  • Being attentive to the needs, wishes and aspirations of the institute's staff, students, society and community.
  • Functioning as an institute acting as a long-term home for the students by building warm relationships and offering continued guidance of its graduates.
  • Maximizing the full potential of all the Institute's partners and providing the students adequate tools for building their futures.

Core Values



We hope to develop among our staff and students a culture emphasizing individual and group excellence in various fields: teaching, research and administration.

Up-to-Date Academia

We hope to focus on the development of interdisciplinary study programs that fit the spirit of the times and address the changes in the environment.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We hope to promote multi-disciplinary activity and added value at the Institute by combining different fields of study and creating synergy.

Innovativeness without Compromises

We aspire to develop an institutional culture that is open to innovation and initiative and welcomes ground-breaking ideas.


We aspire to develop a community experience within our Institute, for our guests and our staff, through cooperation and mutual inspiration, as well as by promoting and developing interaction with the surrounding community, for the benefit of both parties.

Quality of Service

We hope to achieve the highest level of service possible. Quality service, besides its role in the creation of adequate learning, research and teaching conditions, is a distinguishing mark of HIT.


We are obliged to sustain a continuous process of improvement by the examination of the various processes and environments, and by identifying the opportunities for change, innovation and the implementation of ideas that may lead toward the attainment of our predetermined goals.