Alongside the promotion of excellence in teaching and academic entrepreneurship, HIT's Research Authority is also entrusted with the task of promoting and managing excellence in both basic and applied research, aiming at maintaining HIT's leading position in science, technology and design.



The Authority promotes various R&D projects in Israel and abroad, financed by national and multi-national funds as well as in collaboration with the Industry. HIT is known for its impressive record of winning prestigious research grants (e.g. ISF, BSF, GIF, FP6, FP7' Horizon-2020 and more) in the fields of science, engineering, technology management, design, instructional technologies and digital health.
The Institute's basic and applied research is being conducted by prominent researchers (i.e. scientists, engineers and designers) in collaboration with leading universities, research institutions, social & governmental organizations and the Industry.



In addition, HIT takes on promising and aspiring young scientists and integrates them into multidisciplinary research centers and labs. These excellence centers are led by experienced researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists focusing on ground-breaking technologies.