HIT Holon Institute of Technology, is a well-established unique and multidisciplinary academic institution, which manages to maintain its young spirit as well as its dynamic and contemporary nature.
HIT promotes the "Hi-Tech Nation" concept through its groundbreaking creativity, research and development. It is on the cutting-edge of innovation and entrepreneurship.
HIT represents the combination of academy and industry, advancing towards the integration of science, engineering, design and management.
This unique integration is evident in its state-of-the-art research centers and labs as well as in joint academia-industry initiatives.
  • To remain an outstanding and multidisciplinary academic institution with a scientific, technological and design orientation
  • To remain a leading academic institution, thriving towards the development and advancement of the hi-tech industry
  • To invest in Israel's future applied scientists, engineers, designers, technology experts and managers; Providing them withup-to-date knowledge, good civic values, social and environmental responsibilities
  • To influence the academia in Israel and abroad
  • To preserve HIT's unique character - combining dynamic academic education alongside applied research and development, increased collaborations with academic and research institutions, the industry and the society as a whole
  • To remain a leading, innovative and state-of-the-art academic institution
  • To develop and establish applied research infrastructures for the benefit of groundbreaking technological developments
  • To play a significant role in making academic education, associate degree studies, training and enrichment courses tailored to the needs of the Israeli industry and community