M.Sc. in Technology Management

The M.Sc. in Technology Management 

(with or without a thesis)


Prof. Zvika Afik, Head of the M.Sc. program with a thesis
Dr. Gil Greenstein, Head of the M.Sc. program without a thesis


The Masters program grants an M.Sc. for studies which combine advanced knowledge in technology management; engineering; economics; the sciences. This program includes an emphasis on management technologies, managerial characteristics of novel technological systems, financial and economic management of technological systems and innovative technologies in specific fields.


Within the framework of this program, the student may choose one of the following specializations:
icon System Engineering
icon Information Technology (IT) Management
icon Information and Technologies Management in Health Systems


The student can also opt to choose from a variety of the offered courses. Students submit a final project based on the tools acquired during their studies.


The M.Sc. degree in Technology Management is appropriate for undergraduates in Technology Management or Industrial Engineering, as well as graduates from other engineering fields, economics or sciences.