CMO: Hadas Assaf
Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator: Talya Cohen
Event Coordinator: Noa Gochshtat Kruk
Content Editor and Vitrina Gallery administrative manager: Ms. Orna Gattegno
Spokesperson: Guy Britzman
Graphic designer: Orly Seligmann

Digital Marketing: Shira Kanengiser Edry

Digital Assets: Eran Pick

The HIT Public Relations & Marketing staff considers the exposure of the Institute's activities in research and instruction to a wider audience in Israel and abroad as a crucial challenge.
In this spirit, our marketing staff works with the various media and with decision makers, leaders of the economy, public personages, students, graduates and the wider public, bringing to their knowledge the Institute's contributions to scientific research and the training of skilled personnel for hi-tech engineering, administration and design.
In this era of rapid changes, the Institute must maintain its links with relevant industries that share the same fields of specialization, using them to identify novel fields of knowledge and to adjust HIT's specializations to suit ongoing changes. Our Marketing Unit is entrusted with forging relations with various industrial bodies and acts toward deepening connections with industry in all matters associated with joint R&D, bilateral information update and vocational guidance and employment of our graduates, etc.
Another central mission of our marketing efforts is the enrolling of new students, which includes the advertisement and marketing of the Institute by means of printed and electronic media, as well as contributing its experience to the organization of 'open days' for potential candidates.
In the field of PR, our Marketing Unit supports all the activities of the Institute's staff members and produces events and promotion materials. Thus it supports the connection with HIT's Graduate Association, operating at HIT, listing almost 5,000 graduates.
Marketing and PR activities include a variety of fields: production, organization, coordination and operation of academic and extra-curricular events taking place at the Institute. Ongoing dealings with the various media also fall within the purview of advertizing and PR, as does participation in the content management of the HIT website and the production of various information about our academic departments, student and staff services. This Unit also produces promotional materials in Hebrew and foreign languages in the form of newsletters and guides, brochures for special events and booklets containing various information about the Institute.
Contact Details

Public Relations & Marketing Unit
Rubinstein Building (3), third floor, room 201
Reception Desk:
Sun., Mon., Tue., Thu. 10:00-15:30;
Wed. 13:00-16:00
972-3-5026513 , 972-3-5026727