Faculty of Sciences

Prof. Alla Zak, Dean
Prof. Ilya Levine, Head, School of Computer Sciences
Prof. Udi Rotics, Head, M.Sc. program in Computer Sciences
Prof. Anatoly Golberg, Head, School of Mathematical Sciences
Prof. Aviv Gibali, Head of Applied Mathematics Department
Prof. Amnon Fruchtman, Head, Department of Physics


The Faculty of Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching, research, development, and discovery. The Faculty nurtures collaborations with other research institutions, as well as professional ties with industry, aiming to understand current challenges and search for effective and innovative solutions. To these ends we run several applied research centers and regularly hold a mathematics colloquium and seminars in physics and computer science.

The Faculty offers two undergraduate B.Sc. programs: Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Both equip their students with extensive knowledge, analytical thinking skills, and a profound understanding of their respective fields. Consequently, our graduates are able to cope with complex technological and mathematical problems in industry, or alternately study towards advanced academic degrees. The Faculty also offers M.Sc. programs, with or without a thesis.


Academic Programs


B.Sc. in Computer Science   B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics   


M.Sc. in Computer Science