Faculty of Instructional Technologies


Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dean

Dr. Eran Gal, Head of M.A program

Dr. Dan R. Kohen-Vacs, Head of B.A program


The Faculty of Instructional Technologies is a unique HIT initiative – the only one of its kind in Israel and one of only a few worldwide - specifically and extensively addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals who specialize in digital learning and teaching environments. 

Today we are all aware that instructional technologies are here to stay as a crucial and rapidly growing branch in all forms of education – from k-12 schools and academic programs to occupational training in all types of markets and industries. Consequently, ventures in this field are expected to multiply and flourish, offering a wealth of exciting opportunities for professionals with the right set of skills.
Over the past two decades, the Faculty of Instructional Technologies has presented a pioneering standard, nationally spearheading innovations in learning and training. The Faculty equips its students with state-of-the-art capacities required in relevant professions - including the design, development, and deployment of innovative methods of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for digital environments in a broad range of sectors: business and industry, K-12 education, higher education, military, and government.
Unique educational approach
The Faculty's unique educational approach combines rich learning experiences with exposure to various professional and real-world challenges. Students learn to identify learning requirements in different settings and develop step-by-step cutting-edge solutions. Our teaching strategies are based on teamwork, project-based learning, and self-inquiry. The teaching staff includes both expert academic faculty and industry professionals.
Our graduates are employed in key positions across the marketplace - as e-learning experts, training designers and training managers, and designers/developers of digital contents, games, and applications.
Collaborations in Israel & abroad
The Faculty collaborates with a broad spectrum of Israeli and international organizations, institutions, industrial corporations, and hi-tech companies, to provide real-world professional experiences for students, alongside research opportunities for faculty.


The graphics below illustrate the vast scope of sectors and organizations that collaborate with HIT's Faculty of Instructional Technologies: 

illustrate the vast scope of sectors and organizations that collaborate with HIT's Faculty of Instructional Technologies