Faculty of Design

Prof. David Rawet, Dean

Prof. Hanan Kaminski, Head of Master's Program In Design for Technological

Mr. Ofer Zick, Industrial Design Department

Arch. Ehud (Udi) Cramsky, Head, Interior Design Department

Mr. Zachi Diner, Head, Visual Communications Department


The Faculty of Design sees the fields of design as an engine of progress, innovation and entrepreneurship for the well-being of the individual and the community wherever they are.

The three departments of the Faculty, Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design and Interior Design, are not only channels of knowledge transfer to students, but no less a melting pot of education for leadership, personal and public responsibility and understanding of global processes.

The activities of the faculty take place on two parallel planes, which, contrary to the laws of nature, meet: in and out. The move in is focused on the individual learning methodology, which is based on Learning by doing, that in fact, delegates authority & responsibility for obtaining the information, using it and initiating the solutions to the student, who is only assisted and guided by the lecturer.

The move outside is the recognition and understanding that design is a global medium that cannot shut itself off in the academic “ivory tower” and ignore what is happening in the near or even far environment.