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HIT enjoys a unique blend of engineering, management, sciences and design faculties. This unique combination is the main characteristic of HIT, constituting a major strength, because it enables the creation of new areas combining studies of technology, design and science. In addition, The Institute constantly deals with the development of multi-disciplinary ventures and encourages the development and deepening of these commercial connections.
These joint ventures nurture valuable, combined academic/professional/social discourse, which generate the thinking of tomorrow: thinking about the Israeli and international economies; technological education; perception of design; social involvement and responsibility; and increased knowledge and research.
The ongoing connections with industry include a wide spectrum of activities and action:
  • Adjustment of the study programs to present and, especially future, market needs.
  • Joint research and academic entrepreneurship.
  • Imparting of practical tools and skills.
  • Refinement and deepening of technological thinking.
  • Professional mentoring and guidance within the framework of the final project.
  • Joint industry-Institute seminars, conferences and lectures.
Industry is also included in the many different social projects taking place at HIT that are meant for the proximate community and serve to encourage and assist teenagers, to promote technological and design-based education and to provide experiential learning. This combination manifests itself in scholarships to students, the financing of projects and involvement in steering and advisory committees.
This is how the Institute implements the "pay it forward" concept—by means of joint thinking, professional execution by the Institute's staff and students, enhanced involvement in the environment and transferring these values to the community. This circle of action enables all the involved parties to affect the socio-economic future of the State of Israel.
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Social Projects Coordinator: Mrs. Yifat Rosenthal
Margalit Building (5), Second Floor, Room 202