B.Sc in Applied Mathematics

Prof. Aviv Gibali, Head of Applied Mathematics Department

Applied mathematics is a critical discipline in current-day technology, applied in areas as diverse as physics, engineering, computer science, medicine, biology, finance, business, and industry. Consequently, applied mathematics professionals are in great demand throughout the modern marketplace.
The 3-year B.Sc. program in Applied Mathematics aims to:
  • Train skilled professionals who can tackle complex problems in the industrial, security, commercial and organizational sectors
  • Impart extensive in-depth knowledge in mathematics, mathematical methods, and scientific computerization
  • Provide skills and experience in building mathematical models and implementing them via sophisticated algorithms
  • Provide knowledge and experience in advanced methods of software development
  • Enable interaction with professionals in industry and other disciplines 
  • Areas of study include: building mathematical models, machine learning, artificial intelligence, processing signals and images, geo-informatics (GIS), computerized mathematical simulations, and many other domains.
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