HIT's Graduate Association operates with the full cooperation of the Institute and its departments for the purpose of creating social-economic links among the graduates, between them and HIT, between the graduates and various external bodies and between the graduates and current student-body at HIT.

The creation of business and social connections becomes possible due to Graduates Association activities, which include forums in which HIT graduates talk about topics in economics, technology, industry, society, etc. Likewise, the Association conducts professional supplementary and/or qualification studies, designed to provide continuing education and refresher courses on new fields being taught at HIT. Another mentoring role provided by the Graduate Association is guiding graduates through the official registration process for the Engineers' Registrar Office.

This Association provides assistance to graduates in finding employment in industrial technology and design fields by checking with the appropriate manpower placement services. HIT students also benefit from this employment counseling service, since the Graduate Association maintains contact with the students during their final academic year at meetings and via joint initiatives.

HIT graduates meet at social events organized by the Association: parties, general lectures, economic business clubs, on trips, etc. Association members also enjoy reading Graduate Association leaflets, which include articles and innovations on professional topics.

Members of the Graduate Association are entitled to many significant benefits, such as: free access to courses (contingent upon the existence of open slots and prior notification and approval by the Academic Secretariat; the use of the library facilities; the right to participate in professional conferences and academic seminars held at HIT (again, contingent on prior notification and approval); and use of the job/employment billboard.