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Industrial design student sweeps prestigious awards.

Nimrod Shani, a 3rd-year student in the Industrial Design Department at HIT Holon Institute of Technology, won several prestigious design awards for his project "Leika."


Nimrod Shani. Photo: Ido Dekal 

Nimrod Shani. Photo: Ido Dekal 

Nimrod presented the project at the international design competition A' Design Award & Competition and won the silver prize in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category.

In addition, Nimrod won the Loop Design Award in the interior design category for its impressive designs and advanced use of intelligent technologies. The "Leika" project is the product of a focused and in-depth work process that considers the user's needs and the overall user experience.

The project began in the "Metal" course led by Shuli Strauss and Efri Lifshitz, during which Shani was asked to design a piece of metal. "I wanted to make something minimal in its preparation but still designed and artistic, and after using laser cutting and bending techniques, I produced table legs  designed to a high standard."

Nimrod says that studying at HIT allowed him to combine the various fields of knowledge he acquired over the years and that the support and guidance from the lecturers and the department staff was a crucial factor in his success. "Studying at HIT gave me the tools to develop as a designer and combine my technical knowledge in engineering and management, focusing on practical and challenging projects," said Nimrod, who already holds a bachelor's degree in construction engineering and an MBA. "Sometimes I can't believe that this is what I'm doing  and that I'm an industrial designer."

Nimrod's success in receiving international awards reflects the high level of the industrial design department at HIT and the students' ability to combine theory and practice, between art and technology, and between creativity and innovation. The "Leika" project inspires students in the design field and illustrates the importance of perseverance, creativity, and hard work in achieving professional goals.