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Ten ventures were presented at the "Demo Day" of HIT’s Innovation and Entrepenourship Center

The “Demo Day” is the peak event of the mentoring program, which brings together entrepreneurs and potential investors. 


תמונה ללא תיאור

Here are the projects  that were presented to investors in the 5th cohort of the Accelerator program:



By Shira Zigenlaub
Simulator for playfully and experientially training children in undergoing an MRI examination gaMeRI is a simulator that playfully and experientially trains children in undergoing an MRI examination. The product offers a new service experience for the entire examination process, an innovative treatment and auxiliary products.



By Kineret Segal, Dror Vaksenfeld
Enables SCRUM teams make smart decisions based on data and AI. Monkeyway analyzes team interactions, delivers insights, improves organizational behavior and empowers the SCRUM teams

Semi robot taxi

By Mali Sher
“Share Taxi” is a smart transportation community service. It will help to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in smart cities by reducing air pollution and road accidents with a reduction of household costs.

GetReal Estate

By Eliya Danino
Empower commercial real estate investments with GetReal Estate. Our AI-powered platform automatically analyzes your deals, minimizing risks and errors while enhancing collaboration between buyers and lenders. Experience efficiency, speed, and perfect matches, informed decisions for optimal investment outcomes.


Rental Universe

By Igor Korchagin, Alexander Waxman
A digital property manager for short-term rentals, enabling property owners to manage apartments easily and transparently. Users can choose the level of daily involvement in property management, turning the entrepreneur into a passive business owne



By Oren Mordechay, Ran Vaizman
A platform where the wisdom of seasoned investment experts meets the curiosity of passionate investors, everything is tailored exactly for them. VAMO - a vibrant online marketplace where every piece of advice, insight, and strategy is perfectly tailored to the investor's investment journey.


By Stav Kipper
We help parents regain control over their infant's wellbeing, when they are left with other caregivers, to prevent infant abuse.
We use the existing Wearable Sensor Technology For Infants and AudioTech, to detect and alert in real-time suspicion of abuse.



By Batya Bluming
Lifetime uniquely combines personalized cognitive training, emotional well-being features, and vibrant community engagement, setting a new standard in the wellness landscape. With a user-centric approach and a commitment to promoting a fulfilling retirement journey. age actively, thrive mentally, and foster meaningful connections with Lifetime.



By Tomer Yosef
The product is a GPS-based hypodermic smart chip that will be inserted into the animal and will allow its owner to locate it at any given moment. Also, the product will allow the owner of the animal to receive additional parameters about the animal such as the health of the animal, heart rate, etc.


By Eran Shemer, Lina Miara
A dating application for finding a serious relationship that allows you to test chemistry even before making contact and thus solves the many problems in applications that exist today.
Tali Malach Banaim, director of the FUTURE Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, greeted the participants, saying:
This month, as we celebrate five years of FUTURE, a beacon in our local entrepreneurial ecosystem, we take pride in our Handzone program graduates' diverse achievements. Their success stories, spanning various ages and professional stages, are a testament to the relevance of entrepreneurship at any point in life. The comprehensive toolbox we provided them has paved the way for their growth and prosperity in their chosen ventures, inspiring us all.

Galit Kol Aginsky, manager of HIT's acceleration programs, said:
"After five years since FUTURE's establishment, we significantly changed the acceleration program. This year, we opened three programs which were the answer to the great demand for entrepreneurial programs like ours, such as:


RISE - From idea to concept, dedicated to new entrepreneurs.

STUDIO is a program for new businesses with a solid idea and some maturity. It ended this week with Demo Day.
 Our next program, GROW, will be dedicated to mature enterprises.
The significance of this Demo Day cannot be overstated. It is a platform where invaluable connections are forged for our young entrepreneurs. These connections, nurtured through our platform, have the potential to not just influence but shape their future ventures and careers. This underscores the immense value of this event in our entrepreneurial ecosystem."