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Dr. Galit Wellner received a prestigious grant for an International Collaboration Project.


Dr. Galit Wellner, from the School of Multidisciplinary Studies at HIT—Holon Institute of Technology, has recently been awarded a prestigious grant as part of an international collaboration project.

The project, ENSURE-6G (Evolution in Security and Privacy for 6G Networks), integrates experts from 15 different institutions worldwide, aiming to develop future communication networks that will succeed in 5G.
The ENSURE-6G project received a grant of approximately €1.5 million under the European Union's Horizon Europe program. The project will incorporate AI technologies to enhance information security and privacy in future communication networks.
The ENSURE-6G project will span 48 months and involve an international network of experts working to develop innovative technological solutions to improve information security and privacy in future communication networks.
Under the leadership of Dr. Galit Wellner, the team will play a crucial role in addressing the ethical implications of integrating artificial intelligence into future communication networks. Their focus will be on critical issues such as preventing discrimination against end-users, ensuring the responsible use of generated data, and safeguarding user privacy.
Dr. Vivek Nallur leads the project from University College Dublin (UCD) and includes experts from various disciplines who will collaborate on developing novel technologies and processes to ensure information security and privacy in future 6G networks.
The ENSURE-6G project partners include research institutions and universities from 15 different countries, leading in the fields of technology, artificial intelligence, and information security. The grant they received will enable the teams to develop practical solutions for future challenges in the communications field.
Dr. Welner's participation in the ENSURE-6G project ensures that HIT - Holon Institute of Technology will continue to be at the forefront of research and development in communications and information security. The prestigious grant awarded to the project highlights its significance and anticipated contribution to the world of technology and communications.