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 Mr. Gideon Lustig, the new Israeli Ambassador to Uzbekistan, visited HIT.

The senior management of HIT Holon Institute of Technology hosted Mr. Gideon Lustig, the new Israeli ambassador to Uzbekistan, for an official visit.


 Mr. Gideon Lustig, the new Israeli Ambassador to Uzbekistan, visited HIT.Photo :Doron Mesarano

Photo :Doron Mesarano

During the visit, Prof. Yakubov introduced Mr. Lustig to the institute's various faculties, departments, and unique programs, as well as the long historical and cultural ties between Israel and Uzbekistan, including the Jewish community's major rescue by Uzbekistan during World War II.

Prof. Yakubov also shared his personal story as someone who was born and raised in Uzbekistan and studied and was educated in Tashkent, "I believe that if every academy in Israel will maintain at least one good connection with another academic institution in the world, we can build a network of connections that will only benefit the State of Israel." said Prof. Yakubov.

Prof. Yakubov talked about his special personal academic ties with the National University of Tashkent and the Uzbek government. This relationship led to an invitation to serve as an observer supervising the presidential elections in 2016.
"It was essential for me to visit HIT as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told me that the road to Tashkent goes through the office of the President HIT, whose extensive connections in Tashkent contribute greatly to the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the academia in Israel," said Mr. Lustig.

Israel and Uzbekistan have maintained full diplomatic relations since 1992, following Israel's recognition of Uzbekistan's independence. This visit further strengthens the international connections and emphasizes the importance of academic and technological collaborations between Israel and Uzbekistan.