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HIT’s students make dreams come true.

Industrial Design students from the Design Faculty at HIT developed, prepared, and designed unique Purim costumes for the children at Beit Issie Shapiro. 


הסטודנטים של HIT מגשימים חלומות

Every year, in what has already become a tradition, the students in the Industrial Design Department at the Design Faculty at HIT Holon Institute of Technology, mobilize for the extremely creative project - "Dream Costumes", in which they create unique and customized costumes for the children of Beit Issie Shapiro in Ra'anana.

Students made costumes for 30 children with disabilities who use a wheelchair or a walker. the atmosphere was extremely emotional, not one eye was left dry. The entire project was managed by the Dean of Students at HIT and funded by the Higher Education Council.


הסטודנטים של HIT מגשימים חלומות

This is nothing less than a dream come true for children who use wheelchairs or walkers and dream of a spectacular costume, with the accessory being an integral part of their bodily aid, for the holiday that everyone loves to celebrate and especially to dress up in.

This year, the children asked in the spirit of Purim to dress up as soldiers and pilots, but alongside these, there was also an astronaut, a DJ, Snow White, Cinderella, Barbie, a dog, Bambi, as well as favorite foods and snacks like popcorn, pizza, a chocolate bar, and even "Golda" ice cream.
The project "Deam Costumes" was born out of the complex experience of the children and parents, in which wheelchairs and walkers hide the costumes. The students of HIT made the wheelchair or the walker upgrade the costume and make it more unique and creative.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT: "Dream Costumes” is one of the Institute's social initiatives that I am most joyful about and excited to see. Dozens of unique custom-made costumes have been produced in the project which has brought sheer happiness to children with special needs and their parents. At HIT, in numerous courses, we provide our students with an empowering experience of giving to others, while at the same time contributing to society as a whole.

Samuel Goldberg, HIT’s CEO: "It is repeatedly exhilarating to come and see every year the fruits of the extensive work of the students laboring to design a costume designed primarily for these dear  children”.

Dr. Limor Sahar-Inbar, Dean of Students at HIT Holon Institute of Technology: "The extraordinary collaboration with Beit Issie Shapiro allows the charming children to fulfill their heart's desire. It's therefore moving to see the light and joy on their faces. Our students, for their part, get to harness their talent for real giving while gaining a personal connection with each child. I am gratified that the Dean of Students Office is leading this significant project with the Department of Industrial Design. Special thanks to Iris Zilberman, for taking responsibility for this project.

Dana Yichye Shwachman, the lecturer in charge of the "Dream Costumes” project: "I'm proud of our students who prove to us every year how strong the power of design is.” 


The students Ella Kotler, Liron Zlait, and Yuli Horvitz who designed the costume for Ariel Levy - an astronaut: "As students, we usually balance between free time and fulfilling student’s obligations. But despite this, we did not hesitate because it was clear to us that this was an outstanding and unusual project whose purpose was to do good. gathered empowering experiences and stories from previous years’ students and we wanted to have a personal experience. We went to Ariel's house and met an adorable boy. During turning Or, his mother, explained to us the difficulties Ariel faces in terms of his motor skills. Ariel employs a walker, and we created a construction that utilizes the thickness of its poles. We also put a lot of thought into what Ariel would see from his point of view inside the costume, and what those who would look at him from the outside would see “.