Welcome to the School of Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS)

The School of Multidisciplinary Studies at Holon Institute of Technology offers an innovative approach to academic teaching and learning, in its pedagogical content and structure.


It brings together scholars from various fields attentive to the diversity of students who come from different faculties. Courses in the School are tailored to provide a truly multidisciplinary learning experience that builds on the subjects taught at HIT’s faculties, yet transcends field specialization. By bridging between disciplines and integrating ideas from other fields of knowledge, the School seeks to provide students with tools necessary for their careers in a dynamic world, in which they create and are affected by fast-paced technological progress.

The School of Multidisciplinary studies is organized in four clusters: Humanities and Social Sciences; Integrated Technologies; Community-Engaged Learning; and, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Within this structure students get to choose courses that suit their academic inclinations, while getting the added value of engaging with various intellectual paradigms and practical skills. 
The head of the School is Dr. Nava Shaked



We aspire to give students a wholesome understanding - theoretical and practical - of the relations between technology, society, and culture, and of the social forces that influence and are influenced by innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The school aims to establish an innovative academic ecosystem, unique within the landscape of higher education, where lecturers and students can participate in a multidisciplinary discourse, express their ideas, and learn each other’s language. Teaching at the school integrates academia, industry, and society. We seek to combine these dimensions, by introducing them into our courses and by learning from each other’s intellectual and practical inclinations. We are committed to a professional discourse that is open to all opinions, worldviews and disciplines, encouraging interdisciplinary research and teamwork.

We have created and implemented a novel teaching methodology, in which our diverse team of lecturers collaborate in tandem teaching and peer teaching feedback. We offer project-based and problem-based courses that connect two fields or more, requiring entrepreneurial skills and out-of-the-box thinking. 

The school’s courses are offered through four clusters:

Headed by Prof. Chemi Ben Noon

  • Perspectives in humanities and social sciences.
  • knowledge about global cultures and religions, historical, social, and political processes
  • Tools for critical thinking and analysis of the changing world
  • Social awareness and academic projects based on collaboration with the community.
  • Social engaged courses with “hands-on” approach, experience through working in, with and for community


Headed by Dr. Elad Segev

  • Courses that enhance and implement PBL cooperation that crosses disciplinary boundaries between engineers, designers and scientists
  • Design thinking of complexed solutions involving several layers of technology & design
  • Facing Industry challenges while learning the skills relevant to student’s future career.
  • Projects developed by multidisciplinary teams while learning strong academic basis.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and processes of entrepreneurship & innovation.


English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Part of the MDS is the EFL Department which is responsible for empowering all HIT’s students with proficiency of reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills according to CEFR. The EFL unit headed by Dr. Olga Gupol

The main purpose is to prepare our students for international activities and increase their proficiency in working in global environment.
International  Collaborations

The School of Multidisciplinary Studies aspires to expand its international activity. In today’s globalized economy and culture, we consider it crucial to engage our students in international activities and global learning. We seek to exchange our multidisciplinary skills, knowledge and teaching approach with other academic institutions throughout the world. We welcome any engagement from global partners for mutual exchange of ideas, courses, and other activities. Our academic staff

is eager to cooperate with international colleagues within and across fields, both in teaching and research. Please contact us if you are interested. 

Tecent International Activities



AI, Sustainability, and Industry: A Multidisciplinary International Course Inclusive Internationalization: Multidisciplinary Social Sustainability AthenaSoft: Soft, Digital and Research Skills Each of these courses was created through collaboration with 4-6 European universities under Erasmus programs. Each BIP course involves both lecturers and students from each institution. The students get to work in teams, get to know each other though PBL activities and share their experience in climax meetings of the whole course participants in one of the international institutions.

The School of Multidisciplinary Studies, as part of an academic consortium led by Hellenic Mediterranean University, won a 500,000€ grant within the Erasmus+ framework for a three-year project to develop a platform for online activities, engaging students and lecturers from participating countries. Its purpose is to promote dialogue and multicultural learning through activities that integrate different national, religious and ethnic groups, using a digital platform and pedagogies to improve virtual teaching. The project promotes intercultural cooperation on various topics with a technological orientation.

We have participated in recent years in a two-week summer school at Thomas More University, which brings together students from all over the world to work in multidisciplinary teams on projects related to sustainability, specifically, “reducing barriers in retail for minorities groups”. We have contributed to this program by sending our lecturers to join the teaching team. As of 2023, we have also started to send our students who participated in the summer school along with their global peers.

To reach out to a global audience, we have expanded our list of courses offered in the English language. These courses, whether blended or fully online, are available to international, exchange and local students. In these courses, students learn exciting multidisciplinary approaches, where design meets math, or Israeli politics and society cross with hi-tech. As an opportunity for encounter between local and international students, courses taught in English expand the array of skills students acquire, providing additional channels of global interaction for students.



Our international Partners 


  • HMU -Hellenic Mediterranean University, Crete, Greece
  • Thomas More University, Belgium
  • AP - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Anwtwerp, Belgium
  • FH Joanneum - University of Applied Sciences, Graz Austria
  • FHOO - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
  • Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania
  • Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Portugal


School of Multidisciplinary Studies

Building 5, 3rd. floor
Tel: 972-3-5026655
Email: MDS@hit.ac.il